About Idiot’s Guide to Canada

Idiot's Guide to Canada

Do you feel completely lost and confused in the vastness and variety of Canada? If you are a tourist, or an immigrant, or just someone who is born oblivious to society, “Idiot’s Guide to Canada” separates fact from fiction and delivers comprehensive information on different aspects of Canada.

This guide was developed by a bunch of idiots who felt the need to have a better understanding of the nation, its culture and customs. With this goal in mind, we started a thorough research and traversed far and wide to compile a guide that actually makes sense.

We consider the diverse population residing throughout Canada. Hence, this guide features articles catering to each and everyone who feels the need to acquire specific information. From Canadian slang to interesting facts that would even baffle the local intellects, you are certain to increase and enhance your knowledge regarding various aspects of this fabulous country!

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